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Whether you are a first time dance student, an experienced dancer wanting to try something new or returning to dance after years or just looking to add dance classes as a part of your fitness routine, our training programs, courses and activities have something for you. Students can choose any class across different styles of dance - from Contemporary Ballet, Jazz, Ballroom, Lyrical, Funk and Hip Hop, Contemporary Dance, Modern Dance, Stretch & more.

All styles at Stance Dance Studio are taught through different levels starting right from beginners through advanced and professional levels.

Kids/ Pre teens (Overview)

These classes emphasise largely on the child's imagination and help them in exploring the endless possibilities of movement and creativity. It is the beginning of the process of becoming a dancer by creating a spirit with a love of dance, in a nurturing environment. For more details about the levels and possibilities please meet in person with the teacher or class coordinator.

Adults (Overview)
Intro (Foundation Level)

This class is suitable for those with very little or no prior experience in dance. The patiently and holistically designed format of the class teaches the basics of the respective technique. The student moves up a level once they feel confident and equipped to work with complex phrases.

Elementary and Advanced:

The higher level classes (across all styles) expect the dancer to have prior understanding of basic technique, posture and pattern of the class. The class moves much faster and the dancers are expected to cope up with the pace of the teacher. The class includes across the floor work, using a range of complex turns and leaps followed by the respective dance choreography. The complexity and techniques involved in the choreography vary from class to class.

Pre - professional and Professional Training:

Recognising and honing individual talents while providing highest quality of dance training has been one of the founding pillars at Stance Dance. Adhering to their strive to promote positive dance culture, the studio also offers a scholarship program for dancers who are 18+ years. The program is designed for serious dancers who wish to enhance their dance education while training and working in a vibrant dance environment.

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